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Buy My House in Boise, Idaho

A Local Family-Operated Business located in Idaho

Over a decade ago, Luke Caldwell, renowned for his role in HGTV’s Boise Boys, embarked on an exciting journey into the real estate world. This venture was inspired by his and his wife’s aspiration to grow their family through adoption. They took the bold step of buying a dilapidated house and refurbishing it. Since that time, Luke has transformed over 100 homes throughout Boise, Idaho. In 2015, he founded Timber and Love – a respected design-build firm celebrated for its exquisite home makeovers. His remarkable talent caught the eye of HGTV leading to prominent roles in popular shows like “Boise Boys” and “Outgrown,” captivating audiences globally. Despite his TV fame, Luke remains dedicated to revamping homes in Boise while also helping homeowners who need fair cash offers for their properties through Buy My House.

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Buy My House in Boise, Idaho

In 3 Effortless Stages


Upon receipt of your enquiry, we promptly initiate the evaluation of your home's worth. We'll seek some fundamental information to guarantee that we can present you with the most competitive cash proposal for your property from Buy My House.


We'll arrange a convenient appointment to meticulously assess the distinctive elements of your property. Relax with the assurance that we won't impose any demands for enhancements or fixes, regardless if they are indoor or outdoor, under Buy My House.


After evaluating your property, Buy My House will provide an appealing cash offer within a day on an as-is basis. We shoulder the responsibility of managing all legal formalities, approvals, and settlement costs, so you can rest easy.

Greg R.
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Great company in Boise doing amazing work to turn old homes into beautiful new ones.
Lara A.
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Highly Recommend this team of trustworthy and reliable contractors. Looking forward to more great stories!
Danika L.
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Amazing company. Very respectable people and incredible work!
Jace L.
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Incredible work!! With an incredible heart behind what they do!

Buy My House Boise

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How Buy My House

Differs from Other Cash Offer Buyers in Boise, Idaho

Buy My House in Boise, Idaho

A Worry-Free Experience for Boise, IdahoSellers

The process of selling a home in Boise, Idaho can often be laden with stress, not to mention time and cost consuming. It potentially creates extra stress on top of an already daunting task, thanks to tasks like carrying out cleaning and maintenance, hosting open houses, engaging in negotiations, and dealing with paperwork. But imagine being able to sidestep all that hassle? That’s precisely the role of Buy My House. We provide a cash offer for your Boise home within just a 24-hour period, ensuring an experience free of complications. There’s absolutely no need for you to bear the burden of a conventional sale – we’re here to take care of everything for you.

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Buy My House in Boise, Idaho

Why Consider Selling To Buy My House

Net More

Maximize your Boise home's value with Buy My House. We provide excellent prices for your property, ensuring you secure the best transaction possible.

We Pay Cash

Say goodbye to lengthy mortgage approval processes. At Buy My House, we have immediate cash at our disposal, ensuring a swift and smooth transaction.

No Repairs

No need to stress over faulty faucets or fresh paint jobs. Buy My House takes your property off your hands, just as it is, spare you the hassle and cost of repairs.

No Commissions

Say goodbye to hefty realtor commissions. Sell your Boise residence directly to Buy My House and reap the full benefits of the offer we make, without any concealed charges or extra costs.

No Fees

With Buy My House, you enjoy complete financial transparency, from inception to conclusion. We eliminate hidden charges, appraisal costs, and any extra expenses. Our proposals reflect the exact amount you'll receive.

Fast Closings

Say goodbye to prolonged waiting periods. At Buy My House, we excel in facilitating swift closures, enabling you to access your cash earlier than conventional selling methods would permit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Buy My House, we’re committed to offering exceptional services while fostering enduring relationships with our sellers in Boise, Idaho. We appreciate the need to build trust and provide superb assistance. In our effort to maintain open communication and enhance understanding, we’ve compiled a list presenting answers to the frequently asked queries we receive.

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